Coolair History
Frank Seeley AM - Founder of Seeley International
The Coolair Story Seeley Brothers, the company that in 1993 became Seeley International, began selling evaporative coolers in the late 1960s. The company was run by brothers Cedric and Frank Seeley , who worked with Lechs Pawlowski, a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration cabinets. (Lex had previously worked with Cedric and Frank’s brother Harold, from Craig and Seeley, the company that first produced Convair coolers.)

Coolair made a range of evaporative cooling products and Cosiflow fan-assisted heating products.

The first Coolair rooftop evaporative cooler was introduced in 1969, using a combination of some corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and plastics.

Cedric Seeley died in late 1968 and Frank Seeley and Lechs Pawlowski parted company in 1971. In 1978, the company stopped trading.

A year later, Anotron resurrected the Coolair brand and introduced the first Coolair "Turbo" axial rooftop coolers. This was a pioneering effort for Coolair, as it broke away from the traditional centrifugal blowers of the time and reduced cost.

Coolair continued throughout the 1980s as a relatively innovative manufacturer, concentrating only on rooftop coolers. It began making stainless steel rooftop coolers in cylindrical shapes and larger coolers in marine grade aluminium.

In 1989, Coolair released the low profile and more conventionally shaped LP series rooftop cooler using the new cellulose fibre pad technology known as CELdek.

A remarkable feature of this product was the slide-in side panels – the louvred panels for summer could be replaced with solid panels for winter, providing an attractive, secure, weatherproof solution.

In the mid 1990s, Anatron decided to exit the manufacturing business and, in 1997, sold the company to Frank Seeley.

Under the control of Seeley International, the Coolair range was redeveloped to incorporate the all-plastic, corrosion-free construction which Seeley had pioneered, but maintaining the ethos of the Coolair brand as affordable, effective cooling. The brand maintains a unique design from other Seeley International products and continues today with the CPL series sold throughout Australia.

We have now used the coolair evaporative air conditioner in two of our homes and find them great. They are very energy efficient...
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