Why chooose Coolair?
Quality, high performance cooling for affordable comfort.
The perfect natural cooling solution for every Australian Home.


Non clogging water distribution systemCooling Water Distribution SystemCoolair's unique patented distribution system means no clogging and no dry spots on the filter pads.

- Clever high efficiency pad wetting system
- Total pad saturation for total cooling
- High performance cooling day and night


Long-life Chillcel® cooling padsCoolair Chillcell Cooling Pads- Durable cooling pad design
- Exceptionally fast moisture absorption
- High water flow and excellent dust-trap properties
- Ensuring quick, clean, high performance cooling


New Stealth® fan

- Advanced aerodynamic design
- Super quiet in operation
- Produces a constant, cool, quiet, welcoming breeze with a fraction of energy



POWERFUL Tornado® PUMPCoolair Tornado Pump- Australian designed and manufactured
- Built to outlast any less efficient conventional style pumps


Australian made

- Manufactured by Seeley International
- 40 years history of excellence
- Built in Australia to withstand the harshest climates



Electronic Smart-control systemCoolair electronic smart-control system

- manages the whole-of-home system with reliable precision
- Smart, reliable and durable - just set and forget!




Optional Clean & Dry functionclean and dry function

- Avoid the need for seasonal maintenance with this optional feature
- This clever device conserves water by retaining the system's water for up to 72 hours of non-operation
- If the system is not used for 72 hours, Clean and Dry will release its load as garden friendly grey water, preventing the build up of algae



Flexible Control with MagIQcoolCoolair controller

The Coolair MagIQcool Controller is incredibly easy to use.
- Set your preferred temperature level on the clever wall mounted control and Coolair will do the rest - quickly, cleanly, reliably
- Maintain your desired comfort level with four convenient modes to choose from - cool, vent, auto and timer

Option: upgrade to the MagIQtouch Controller with advanced features of touchscreen technology

Find our more about the MagIQtouch Controller here
MagIQtouch Controller



Auto Weather Seal systemCoolair Autoweather seal system

- Automatically closes off the air conditioning ducts when not in use
- Reduces winter chills entering your home
- Ensures comfort all year round



Built to Last rooftop cabinet

- Visually discreet, low profile
- Integrates unobtrusively with the roof line
- High performance Permatuf® polymer construction
- Highly durable, will not corrode or rust
- Available in a range of contemporary colours

*The 7 year comprehensive warranty is available exclusively (i.e. only) from Seeley International participating dealers. The warranty has terms and conditions, including the requirement for servicing of the product in accordance with the owner’s manual. In the fourth year the service must be performed by Seeley International or its appointed nominee.


We have now used the coolair evaporative air conditioner in two of our homes and find them great. They are very energy efficient...
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